Part 5 – Special Report (Technology is Key)

06 April 2020

The True Cost of Cheap Shipping Special Report: Part V

There are many easy to implement solutions available now to help streamline the whole despatch process for shippers and the communications process for clients.

Customers now expect an order acknowledgment; 93% of shoppers value receiving an email confirmation from a retailer to confirm their order had been received. What’s more, 88% of all survey respondents said they track the status of their online order.

So it’s crucial you can:

  • Fulfil orders without manual intervention
  • Generate shipping label with a click of the mouse
  • Create real time shipping quotes that display on your website’s checkout
  • Provide emails/SMS to your customers to track goods themselves
  • Use algorithm solutions to efficiently reduce shipping cost

To quote one of the greatest revolutionary speakers, Martin Luther King Jnr: “Whatever comes to you in a cheap way will vanish in a cheap way”. By focusing on low budget shipping strategies, you will get low budget results and your business and sales will suffer.

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