Shipping Success Checklist

29 December 2023

As we come to the end of another year, it may make sense to review your shipping providers to ensure you have the best system for your business.

Knowledge is power. With knowledge, you can make better decisions around your product lines and ship them much more successfully. Some questions to ask yourself may be:

1. What is the size and dead weight of your products? Am I using the optimal shipping provider for these products?

2. How are the products packaged (internally & externally)? Will they arrive intact? Spend a little more on packaging for your benefit and your brand’s.

3. Does my shipping company/service align to my brand? If you’re having constant service issues, it’s time to pay a little more with a better option to keep customer’s happy and get positive reviews.

4. How many transport companies are there that I can work with for my product/s? When sourcing products or new lines, always research the shipping options available first…

5. What are transport company’s freight profile for my product/s (they all have one)? Make sure there aren’t limits on weight/size or how many large/bulky items you can ship with them.

6. When is a Tail Lift Truck service required? The industry is becoming stricter with the maximum weight a driver can carry.

7. Are the product/s fragile? Packaging and the right transport company is key here…

8. If you already have a shipping provider, does their freight profile match your product/s? If you’re receiving ongoing damages or high surcharges, it’s time to review your shipping.

9. If you decide to sell fragile items, how many extra’s do we need to cover possible damages? Damage will occur from time to time, have you factored in a damage percentage to your business plan?

10. Does the product contain batteries? Dangerous goods can mean extra costs & more paperwork when shipping.

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