The fear of losing control

24 January 2024

The fear of picking the right last-mile delivery partner.

As an online business, you’re going to lose control.

You can have great products and customer service but when it comes to delivery, things are (literally) out of your hands.

Here’s some instances where a delivery service can let you down:

  • Failing to pick up the right goods or at the right time
  • Delivering the wrong goods or taking orders to the wrong destination
  • Losing or damaging your shipment
  • No communication when shipping issues arise
  • Refusing to cover the cost of damage or loss

These dilemmas are not your fault, but they put your business at risk.

So how do you take back control?

First, make the choice… do you go direct with a carrier or use a courier aggregator? The answer depends on what you have to send. For a store with a range of differently-sized products or heavy/bulky multi-item products, an aggregator makes sense. This provider will help you with a range of competitive shipping pricing while keeping everything on one platform.

Next, look at your provider’s customer service. Are they obsessed with providing a premium experience? Ideally, your shipping provider will have people based in Australia who you and your customers can communicate with for help.

Finally, talk to your provider! You need to know they have your back before you let them handle your goods.

If you’re an online business, your delivery partner is a reflection of you and your brand.

Choose wisely and you’ll always feel in control.

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