Steven Visic

I’ve had a 28+ year career in the Australian transport industry in a variety of roles from customer service, operations, sales and management.  I was lucky enough to bed my wares very early on with Australia’s most respected freight company (McPhee Transport) in the early 1990’s.  The knowledge I gained was invaluable and set me up for my long career in transport.

In 2004, with my business partner and co-Director Christine Madden, we became the forerunners in the online courier industry and began Australia’s first online courier service.  We saw a niche, the ability to help SME’s & eBay sellers with fair courier pricing (not available back in the mid-2000’s as most transport companies weren’t interested in helping startup or small businesses) through an easy to use online system to receive real time shipping quotes, bookings & track goods. 

By aggregating courier services from many courier/freight companies over the following years, we could provide a broad range of competitive shipping options and to this day we still provide support for any and all delivery issues that may occur for our customers.

Chris and I have helped thousands of customers succeed with shipping but we have a special yearning to help startup and small businesses succeed when shipping their goods.  It’s a passion we hold to this day, to see a fledgling idea or product come to fruition and become a shipping success story.  Similarly, the ability to assist an existing business struggling with overwhelming shipping problems and to see the day they come out the other side stronger and better than before.

Christine Madden

I took to transport like a duck to water after a career in sales. It really was like finally finding my niche.

I’ve learnt a lot running the Operational side of Smart Send since we started. There are fundamental mistakes ecommerce businesses make from startup, I can help you recognise where the pitfalls are and how to overcome them.

I’m passionate about helping our customers get the link between them and their customer right. I want to remove the fear, frustration and uncertainty around partnering with a last mile delivery partner.