The High Cost of Shipping Heavy & Bulky Products: Part 2

03 November 2023

Ecommerce merchants and logistics providers alike have been trudging through an industry slump as the post-COVID recovery drags on. And while many expected this pinch in shipping margins to have relaxed by now, some residual tension remains.  

This led me to pen a two-part series on high shipping costs and solutions (read Part 1 here). Previously, I discussed the issue at heart, being high shipping costs for large items.  

But today, we’re turning a new leaf and introducing some positivity to an industry that truly deserves it. So let’s recap: 

While prices continue to rise for big and bulky shipping, some players are even ruling themselves out of the home delivery picture for this segment. One example came a couple of years ago as TNT/Fedex’s ‘Residential Pickup & Delivery’ surcharge was introduced. 

For many carriers, merchants are seeing increases or introductions of:  

  • Home delivery surcharges  
  • Manual handling surcharges (see my YouTube channel video on these)  
  • Length surcharges  
  • Tail-lift truck surcharges  
  • Two-man handling surcharges  
  • Depot handling surcharges 

There are valid reasons for the introduction of these surcharges as collecting, sorting and delivering heavy and bulky products is much more labour-intensive and not as easily automated as small parcel shipments – the latter can be automated via conveyor belt sortation systems. 

The other issue for merchants selling big and bulky products is accurately quoting shipping costs at checkout on their ecommerce platform. With small parcels, free or flat-rate postage costs are fairly easy to calculate for a merchant as many courier options will offer flat rates across Australia.  

Frustratingly, this isn’t the case with big and bulky products. So a tech solution that provides real-time shipping quotes at checkout is becoming mandatory to ensure merchants don’t lose out on under-quoting shipping costs.  

All of this has brought us to a crossroads: Merchants selling heavy and bulky products are struggling with high shipping costs and consumers aren’t willing to pay them anymore.  

So where to from here? At Smart Send, we believe we’ve found the answer.  

There’s a new shipping service changing Australia’s ecommerce shipping landscape for heavy and bulky parcels.  

Parca Logistics is Australia’s newest premium logistics provider with exceptional pricing for regional and metro delivery of mid-range and heavy parcel shipping.  

The business is headed up by two of Australia’s premier courier/freight leaders in Mark McGinley and Hoy-Yen Hooper (previously from the management team of Couriers Please). 

Now for the most exciting part – Parca Logistics has partnered with Smart Send, Australia’s longest serving online courier aggregation service, to provide shipping and technology services for small and medium sized businesses.  

Thanks to our new partnership, Smart Send will provide new ‘Economy Road’ services through Parca for national and local metro shipments. 

Customers can enjoy savings of up to 70% on regular Road Express services through Smart Send for products sent in the following categories:  

Despatched from Metro Areas of:  

  • Sydney  
  • Melbourne  
  • Brisbane  
  • Adelaide  
  • Perth  

Products Up To:  

  • 180cm Long  
  • 40kg Deadweight  
  • 50kg Cubic Weight 

The majority of savings are items 25kg-40kg in deadweight, or if sending multiple items per consignment  

The bonus when using the Smart Send ‘Economy Road’ service is there are:  

  • No Home Delivery surcharges  
  • No Manual Handling surcharges  
  • No Length surcharges  
  • No Weight surcharges  
  • No Tail-lift Truck surcharges * 

* No Tail-lift Truck or Two Man surcharges for items up to 40kg deadweight/50kg cubic weight (0.2m3)   

If you’re a small or medium sized business spending up to $1 million per year on shipping and interested in these new services, you can find out more at or review shipping costs & services here.    

Smart Send also has shipping apps and plugins for Shopify, Woocommerce, eBay & an API for custom shopping carts to streamline your shipping processes, saving you time and effort when shipping to your customers.  

If you are a high volume shipping business, you can contact Parca directly at  

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