Shipping Smarter is a practical and comprehensive handbook that explains the basics of eCommerce shipping, the pitfalls, tips and tricks and provides you with the must have knowledge to help you succeed when shipping.

Read this book to learn:

  • What different types of carriers and services are available for your products
  • How to choose the right transport partner and what you can reasonably expect from them
  • How shipping pricing and surcharges can affect your bottom line
  • How technology can help streamline your shipping
  • What to consider when choosing packaging
  • Customer case studies and stories

and much more…

Shipping Smarter
Now available on Kindle

Learn from industry experts

Steven Visic and Chris Madden have over 40 years experience in the Australian transport industry

Steven Visic

Director of Sales
Smart Send

Chris Madden

Director of Operations
Smart Send

Drawing on 40+ years of industry experience, Steven Visic and Chris Madden, Directors in Smart Send have published Australia’s first ever book written to help merchants succeed with shipping.

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