Part 4 – Special Report (Pack Tight; Pack Right)

06 April 2020

The True Cost of Cheap Shipping Special Report: Part IV

The delivery experience itself is pivotal to forging the long-term satisfaction that differentiates a retail brand and keeps customers coming back for more. Today’s digitally empowered consumers will not hesitate to broadcast their disappointment at what they perceive to be a poor delivery experience. Indeed, 40% of shoppers say they’ve taken to social media to voice their woes.

We recommend:

  • Spend that little bit more on the packaging. For fragile products speak with your supplier about adding extra packaging (internal and external) even if it costs more. Your damage rates will be minimised meaning more sales and positive customer reviews and fewer returns.
  • Heavy items need special handling so ensure they are packaged well and potentially sent on pallets/skids for ease of loading/unloading
  • FRAGILE stickers don’t replace proper packaging. Most cartons have a FRAGILE sticker or mention Handle With Care; it’s so common now that many carriers, unfortunately, don’t take notice. So it’s imperative to get your packaging correct and adequate to ensure your product arrives safely to your buyer.
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