Don’t let bad reviews break you

23 February 2022

Are you seeing nothing but one and two star reviews for couriers these days? Bad courier reviews are nothing to worry about. Here’s why.

Have you noticed a lot of bad courier reviews?

Lately, bad courier reviews seem to be the norm whenever you are looking to ship products. 

Australia Post and many of the biggest name couriers in Australia seem to have reviews hovering around 1 or 2 stars. As it happens, reviews are not the be-all and end-all of any company’s performance, and bad courier reviews do have an explanation behind them.

What’s going on with all these bad courier reviews?

A little research soon shows that most of the problems leading to bad reviews for couriers lately are late deliveries. Consumers order something online and expect to receive it within a specific window. If their purchases are for gifts or time-sensitive events, a late arrival can ruin plans and be very frustrating. Some people can’t help but lash out publicly… and those review platforms are all-too tempting. 

So why all the late arrivals? If you haven’t already guessed it, the answer is COVID-19. With so many Australians in lockdown through 2020 and 2021, online shopping rose to record levels. A backlog was inevitable. 

Add to this the lengthy border delays and the fact that Australia Post and other couriers had many staff out of action due to COVID. It is no surprise that things got out of hand.

With such high volume of packages and lower staff numbers, any minor hiccup can make matters even worse. People stuck at home in isolation, a traffic accident, inclement weather conditions (consider the recent floods making it even harder to get goods to the West Coast), and simple mistakes can add to an even more considerable backlog and more late arrivals.

The resulting bad reviews don’t reflect the lengths people are actually going to. It must be very frustrating to operate a courier company with a hard-working team in the current environment. 

What to make of the bad courier reviews

When choosing a courier service to handle your products, it’s not the right time to take reviews as the gold standard. 

While it’s understandable that people have left bad reviews, the fact that most were for late deliveries when prompt delivery was nearly impossible means you’re not getting an accurate picture.

If possible, check reviews to see the reason for the low rating. If it is anything other than late deliveries, it might be worth noting. Otherwise, it’s best to look for the courier that suits your needs, no matter the current state of their reviews.

In time, the bad reviews of 2020 and 2021 will fade away, and customer reviews will be a more accurate assessment of courier quality. For now, it is best to use other metrics.

How do I know which courier is best for my business?

There is no such thing as the perfect courier service so it may be a matter of trial and error. It is usually best not to jump at the cheapest but to take the time to understand what services each courier provides and how they relate to your business.  

More than reviews, the details will be the most important in choosing your courier. If you are shipping light and hardy products, a cheap and cheerful option might be the best. If you are shipping large or fragile items, you may need to use a more expensive service to increase the odds of customer satisfaction. 

To find the best courier for your needs, you need to research beyond the online reviews. Better yet, reach out to a professional for help in figuring out which courier is the one for you. A shipping expert will help you to cut through all the confusion and find the best deals for your business.

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