Part 2 – Special Report (After Sales Support)

06 April 2020

The True Cost of Cheap Shipping Special Report: Part II

In part 1 we looked at the preferences of shoppers based on delivery appeal, options and experience.

Matt is a small business that frequently couriers board racks for surfboards/paddleboards. He was using a cheap delivery service to save on shipping costs but found he wasnโ€™t getting any customer service support when delivery issues arose. This cost him sales and new customers. He moved to Smart Send because of our 9-minute response time and experienced, knowledgeable customer service team; which improved his after-sales support and he hasnโ€™t looked back.

Matt was also spending countless hours each week manually entering consignment information to generate shipping labels and complete shipping bookings. By utilising a shipping plugin for his website, he sped up this process by 95% saving him hundreds of hours per year.

By his own calculations, this change alone has saved his small business $12,250 per year (350 hours x $35 per hour). More importantly, now he spends 350 hours per year focusing on the sales/marketing side of his business to help grow and scale.

Whatโ€™s cheap shipping costing you?

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