Smart Send fast tracks Racecrafts shipping efficiencies

22 February 2021

A long-term partnership

One of Australia’s leading performance exhaust parts specialist, Racecraft, prides itself in offering a myriad of products, boasting high end finish, coupled with a competitive price tag. Shipping a suite of products around Australia per month warranted a premium shipping service that ticked all the boxes when it came to timeliness, cost effective and dependability. The answer was Smart Send.

Since 2017, Racecraft has joined forces with Smart Send, which is one of Australia’s premium shipping solutions. The importance in having a reliable shipping partner was paramount to align with Racecraft’s commitment in supplying quality products in the Performance Exhaust Industry at an affordable price.  

Shared values

According to Gregg Mathieson, Racecraft, it was imperative to connect with a shipping service which had a similar high customer service ethos, who was also consistent and proactive in their performance and offering.

“With Smart Send, we ship everything from snapback caps, hoodies and stickers to full exhaust systems.  Smart Send is responsible for 90 per cent of our non-satchel orders. We use small express satchels for our Clothing range primarily. We have used Smart Send for at LEAST one item per day for the last couple of years.”

“All items needed to be weighed and measured in order to be entered into the online database for the shipping calculator. The integration was relatively seamless and the help we received from the outset was excellent! 

Smart Send is reasonably priced and very effective at generating shipping calculations on the fly for our customers at checkout. Most orders are seamlessly fulfilled via the Smart Send shipping app on our webstore, however it also helps to be able to manually enter shipments in the Smart Send website whenever we have a custom order which uses a a custom carton.

“The shipping calculator at checkout is literally priceless. It eases the mind knowing that you have a stable system which is aiding your sales 24/7.”

A simple choice

For Gregg and the team at Racecraft, choosing Smart Send was simple.

“We are a major distributor within WA and nationwide on certain products. It is imperative that we do not lose sales at checkout nor do we overcharge. I feel that Smart Send has been excellent at nailing both of these aspects.”

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