Part 3 – Special Report (Partnerships)

06 April 2020

The True Cost of Cheap Shipping Special Report: Part III

As we’ve seen in this report, delivery can prove a costly business when fulfillment goes wrong, with retailers accruing considerable additional customer service and operational costs putting things right.

We recommend SMEs change their mindset and engage a trusted shipping partner:

  • That will provide prompt after-sales support
  • Who’s been around a number of years and has extensive knowledge of the transport industry. Many online shipping services are marketing experts with slick websites but have no understanding of the issues that occur in transport – with less chance of helping you resolve those issues.
  • Who is experienced at handling shipping issues and strategy

97% on-time/intact is a good delivery standard to work on however even a 3% failure rate can lead to some horrific outcomes for you and your customers. Working with a trusted partner can resolve the majority of these issues quickly and painlessly.

We also encourage SMEs to stop cherry-picking between multiple providers. You may save a few cents/dollars per shipment however showing no allegiance to anyone option means they won’t show any allegiance to you either, meaning you could miss out on possible volume discounts.

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