Looking for a carrier service? 13 questions for success.

07 April 2020

These days, online retailers are held accountable at every step of the customer experience. Your brand needs to be spot-on from the moment a customer notices you to the time they receive their order.

Before you shop for a carrier to ship your goods with, here are
13 questions to answer:

  1. How big are my products and how will they be invoiced?
  2. Will my products incur surprise costs like length surcharges?
  3. Will I provide real-time quoting, set-price shipping or free shipping?
  4. How will my shipping options impact my bottom line?
  5. Are my goods fragile?
  6. How many people will be required to lift or move my packages?
  7. Will I require insurance against damage or loss?
  8. Will the carrier I use cover damage or loss?
  9. Who is my average customer and how easy will it be to deliver their parcel to them?
  10. Do I need more than one type of carrier?
  11. Should I use a broker or deal directly with transport companies?
  12. Which shopping cart offers the best solutions?
  13. Will my carrier ‘speak’ to my online platform with their own software solutions?

Not all carriers were created equal. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you identify the right one for your needs.

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