How do you choose the right transport partner?

07 April 2020

Here are two factors for online retailers to keep in mind to maximise your business success.

1. Prevention is better than cure.

By focusing on building your brand and leaving your transport partner to deal with any delivery issues, you put yourself at risk of the negative fall-out from unhappy customers.

Ward off this problem by choosing a carrier with strong customer service KPIs. For example, Australia Post responds to online queries within 48 hours. Will your transport partner do the same or better?

2. Remember price is only part of the solution.

Service and reliability are key to keep those customers coming back. A cut-price transport carrier may impact goodwill towards your business by failing to respond to complaints or refusing to take responsibility for damaged items.

Investing in the services of a transport provider who will keep your best interests in mind as well as your customers can make all the difference for the success and longevity of your business.

Need more advice on selecting a transport partner you can trust? Contact Smart Send today.

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