Dense makes sense

My wife received an ecommerce package recently and when she pulled out the contents I was dumbfounded… The online merchant used a one metre rectangular tube to ship a 40cm product! You guessed it, the remaining 60cm was air inside the packaging tube. See video below…. Why does this matter I hear you ask? If

Smart Send wins 2024 Australian Achievers Customer Satisfaction Award again

April 2024 We’ve done it again! Smart Send has won the 2024 Australian Achievers Award for outstanding Customer Service in the Transport, Delivery & Relocation category. We’re so proud to have won this award again and backs up our Customer Service teams efforts to provide exceptional support to Smart Send customers when shipping their products

The fear of losing control

The fear of picking the right last-mile delivery partner. As an online business, you’re going to lose control. You can have great products and customer service but when it comes to delivery, things are (literally) out of your hands. Here’s some instances where a delivery service can let you down: These dilemmas are not your

The High Cost of Shipping Heavy & Bulky Products: Part 2

Ecommerce merchants and logistics providers alike have been trudging through an industry slump as the post-COVID recovery drags on. And while many expected this pinch in shipping margins to have relaxed by now, some residual tension remains.   This led me to pen a two-part series on high shipping costs and solutions (read Part 1 here).

The High Cost of Shipping Heavy & Bulky Parcels – Part 1

Many ecommerce merchants have been feeling the pinch of shipping margins in recent months and years, but there are a few good reasons for this. I discuss many issues around influences and types of shipping costs in my book ‘Shipping Smarter – A Guide to eCommerce Shipping’, however, few people expected the size of some

Why using cartons to ship is smarter

Why pack your products in a carton?  When selecting packaging materials for shipping, what’s best? The transport industry likes items packed into cartons.  Good sturdy robust cartons.  This means double or triple walled cardboard cartons. There are many reasons why cartons win out over other packing options such as plastic tubs, canvas bags, wrapping in

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