The BIG 6 problems

07 April 2020

The six most common problems faced by online businesses when shipping their goods

Online retailers…do you know the feeling all too well?

These are the top 6 delivery company dramas:

  • Too late pickups (your brand is up against Amazon so the pressure is ON)
  • Too late deliveries (customers don’t want to wait a millisecond longer than they think is reasonable)
  • Broken, damaged or lost items (always a nightmare)
  • Untrackable packages (no longer acceptable in our GPS world)
  • Crickets chirping where the customer service team should be
  • No insurance cover (that broken or damaged item is now an expensive nightmare for your business)

With the wrong delivery partner, these problems will be daily roadblocks to your long-term success.

So how do you avoid the big 6 delivery problems?

First, choose a locally based delivery partner. Ask about their parcel insurance (don’t forget to read the fine print), their commitment to customer service and their parcel traceability.

Before you commit to them, talk to your provider how they will make sure your customers get what they have paid for, EVERY TIME. Delivery partners should see themselves as an extension of your brand, not an add-on.

The right provider will minimise delivery dramas so your customers are happy and your brand builds a better reputation.

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